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The Book

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The book will be sold at ZERO profit, since the project is finished. We want to be able to allow as many fans as possible to get a hold of this beautiful hardback book.


You can also download it for free!


How to order

Simply visit this link and order it online. prints to order, and then ships out directly to your home.


You will be charged shipping costs, depending on your location and the mode of shipping selected. ships out after 6 to 8 working days.


Signed copy?

If you prefer a signed copy (signed by Mark Dermul), please be advised that shipping will be more expensive (as it will need to ship to Belgium before it can be shipped to you). Contact us via e-mail for more details. Payment will need to be taken care of via PayPal. Thanks for understanding.



It is finally here: the impressive account of our project in Tunisia.


This is what Mark Hamill, aka Luke Skywalker himself, said about the book (and it is printed on the back cover, of course):


If there was ever any doubt of the astonishing impact that George Lucas has had on pop culture, this book is proof positive of the passion and reverence that still resides in the hearts of fans worldwide. 'Save the Lars Homestead' is the unlikely and fascinating account of hte mission to preserve a piece of film history that was abandoned a long time ago in that galaxy far, far away' - Mark Hamill.



Publisher : Mark Dermul
Language : English
Binding : Hardcover book, case wrap
Pages : 246 pages in full color.
Weight : 0,98 kilograms or 2.17 lbs
Size : 20,96 x 27,31 centimeters or 8.25 x 10.75 inches
Foreword by Dave Dorman.
Includes 700 never before seen photos and exclusive artwork by Dave Dorman & Eric Siebeneck.
The names of all 425 saviours who donated to the project are listed in the back of the book.

PRICE in EUROPE: 41,56 EUR + shipping
PRICE outside EUROPE : approx. $68 + shipping


The price mentioned is shipping not included! Shipping cost depends on your location and will be charged by seperately!

The book is now available and can be ordered from by clicking on this link or by clicking on the image below.

You can have a sneek peak at some pages on Facebook!